Acrylic Printing

Acrylic, which is commonly referred to as Plexiglass, gives a glossy finish to your images. This type of frame is also very light, allowing you to hang large frames on your walls.

Couché du soleil sur le quai sur acrylique imprimée

Pictures with a glossy finish that make you feel like you’re there!

Photos printed on acrylic create a “WOW” effect for several reasons. First, the luster of the acrylic gives a boost to the colors and make your picture shine. Then, since we print below the acrylic, it adds an interesting 3D effect. This also allows you to clean your frame without being worried about damaging the print.

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Easy to install support options!

Support Acrylique - Cache visse

Positioning frame

Support Acrylique - Entremise ou Stand off

“Stand off”

How to install

Support Acrylique - Cache visse

Screw cover

How to install

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