Protect your customers and employees from Covid-19 in your business

Afin de protéger vos employés ainsi que vos clients, nous vous offrons des produits de protection et prévention. Si vous avez des demandes spéciales, n’hésitez pas à vous informer et nous ferons du mieux possible pour vous satisfaire.

Pare halaine en acrylique (plexiglass) pour protéger les employés durant le Corona Virus

Sneeze Guard protection in acrylic (plexiglass) for your employees in contact with the public

An acrylic Sneeze Guard protection (plexiglass) will protect your customers and employees while allowing them to interact normally.

Toyota Prius protection taxi

Protection for your company vehicules

This sneexe guard protection between your drivers and passengers will allow you to offer your limousine service to your customers.

Autocollants de plancher prévention

A collection of floor stickers to enforce the health emergency

*Custom options are also available

Bannière grand format Maintenant Ouvert

Large Format Banner

With deconfinement, it will be important for your customers to know that you are now open.
*Several tailor-made options

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Drapeau promotionnel Ça va bien aller

Promotional flags

A lot of product are available to display your brand and get new customer

Contact us for custom items for your commercial banner