Material presentation

Frosted Vinyl, a high-end solution

Vinyle Givré Découpé

Frosted vinyl is often used to enhance the privacy of a room. This material can give a room an upscale look. In this article we will offer you several applications for this material. Possible Applications for Frosted Vinyl Add privacy to a workspace This type of vinyl is often used for offices. Especially for screens […]

Coroplast sign printed in Montreal


As a large format printer, printing on Coroplast is part of our daily life. For years, the general public has referred to this material by the trademark name “Coroplast”. This is actually a corrugated plastic made from polypropylene. The advantages of corrugated plastic panels There are several advantages to using this material for your display. […]

Perforated Window Vinyl, a solution of choice to stand out

Vinyle perforé chez un concessionnaire automobile

It is always impressive to see a window dressed to the colors of a company. There are several things to think about before having this type of vinyl installed in your windows. Regardless of the situation, we often end up using perforated vinyl for window decals. In this paper, we will explain the pros and […]

Coroplast advertising sign for an car dealership in Terrebonne

Panneau publicitaire en coroplast pour un concessionnaire automobile

Mitsubishi automobile dealership in Terrebonne asked us to print them an advertising panel in Coroplast (corrugated plastic). Mitsubishi de Terrebonne asked us to print them an advertising panel in Coroplast (corrugated plastic). Coroplast advertising panel for outdoor sign This material is a good solution for exterior or interior printed sign. First: it’s plastic so it’s […]

New protective film that prevents the spread of bacteria

Drytac Protac AMP Lamination

In 2020, the covid 19 pandemic has led to the evolution of many areas. New technologies have come into the world and the printing world has also evolved. We use the products of the company Drytac in several of our projects, in particular for printing on vinyl. During the pandemic, Drytac developed new technology in […]