Coroplast sign printed in Montreal

As a large format printer, printing on Coroplast is part of our daily life. For years, the general public has referred to this material by the trademark name “Coroplast”. This is actually a corrugated plastic made from polypropylene.

The advantages of corrugated plastic panels

Affiche en Coroplast

There are several advantages to using this material for your display.

First, it is very economical when using standard colors and formats. (Ex .: Coroplast White 4mm 48 X 96)

Second, this material is very light so it can be used in many situations.

Thirdly, the Coroplast range for printing does not need any processing before it is printed making the process quick and inexpensive.

Technical specifications of Coroplast

Corrugated plastic is available in several sizes and colors. Note that some configurations are not available or only by special order. Depending on your needs, our team can suggest the best options.

Panneaux de Coroplast diverse

Different thicknesses of Coroplast

  • 2 mm (0.079”)
  • 3 mm (0.118”)
  • 4 mm (0.157”)
  • 5 mm (0.197”)
  • 6 mm (0.236”)
  • 8 mm (0.315”)
  • 10 mm (0.394”)
  • 13 mm (0.511”)
  • 16 mm (0.63”)
  • 19 mm (0.748”)
  • 25 mm (0.984”)

Available dimensions of Coroplast

Coroplast panels normally come in 48 X 96 inch panels. It is possible to make special orders to have panels of 60 X 120 inches.

Depending on your needs, we can then cut the panels to the size and shape requested.

Color chart available for Coroplast

Charte de couleur de Coroplast
  • White (most affordable and most used on the market)
  • Black
  • Light blue
  • Dark Blue (Marine)
  • Natural (translucent so the light passes through the panel)
  • Silver
  • Ivoiry
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Brown

Application and use of Coroplast

This polypropylene-based material is popular for several reasons including its resistance to weathering, UV rays as well as many oils and other harmful products. Our customers use it in particular for:

  • Interior signage
  • Marketing and promotional display
  • we are temporary outside
  • Trail signage in outdoor centers
  • Construction site signage
  • Car dealership
  • Exhibition booth
  • Election display
  • Posting and promotion for real estate project
  • Event display

How is Coroplast cut

We have several cutting options for this type of material in our workshops in Montreal. For standard format cutting we use a guillotine. If you want special shapes in your cutting, such as the shape of a car or a person, we will use 3D cutting using our CNC machine.

In case you want to cut your panel yourself, you could use a knife or even a good pair of scissors.

How to hang a corrugated plastic panel

Depending on how you want to use the panel, there are several ways to attach it.

Outdoor use

« ti-wraps »

One of the most well-known ways is to use “ti-wrap” ties to tie everything up after a post. This is for temporary use.

Screws or nails

If you plan to install Coroplast on a panel, you could screw or nail it.

H Structure

For temporary use (ex .: promotion day or election day, you can use a metal H-structure that you will fit into the flutes of the panel. (This can go upwind in older times)

Indoor use

When attaching corrugated plastic panels indoors, you no longer need to be wary of the wind. So less extreme methods can be used to tie them up.


One option that gives a bit of a look is to use eyelets with which you can use rope to hang everything up.

Velcro or double-sided tape

Affiche de Coroplast collé ruban adhésif 2 faces
Affiche de Coroplast collé ruban adhésif 2 faces

Velcro can also be a good option. This can become an interesting option for business tools. Ex .: the menu of the day in a restaurant. With this solution, you can swap the display as you see fit. With double-sided adhesive tape, you will arrive at the same installation but it will not be possible to take off the Coroplast sign.


Affiche soutenue par des chevalets.

An easel sticking behind the panel gives a nice “look” to the display. This principle is frequently used at corporate events.

Printing method possible on Coroplast panels

Digital printing

One affordable printing method is digital printing. The start-up costs are low so even if you don’t have a large order, it will still be affordable.

Cut vinyl

An attractive option for long term display is to affix vinyl to the Coroplast. This vinyl can be die cut or lettering.

How do you extend the life expectancy of printing on corrugated plastic?

As on many other materials such as vinyl, we can apply a lamination to the panels. This will also allow you to look for a different finish to differentiate you from the competition.

We can laminate your panels with a mat or gloss finish. Also, dry erase lamination can allow you to use your panel as a board. For example in a company to display a schedule or a list of tasks.

Tips for saving money in your projects with printed Coroplast

The sheets normally come in a 48 X 96 size. With printing and cutting we have to leave a wasted margin. Logically, the more item we are able to produce per sheet, the more advantageous your price will be.

Ex .: if your poster has a final format of 20 X 40, we can fit 4 on the sheet. If you go with a 25 X 40 format, only 3 items can be produced per sheet, which will increase the price due to the loss of material.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to cut coroplast yourself at home?

You can use a knife with a blade and cutting in the direction of the flutes as much as possible.

How to bend Coroplast or corrugated plastic?

You can cut out the outer wall of the panel to allow the material to flex and keep that shape. By heating the interior part, the material will keep its shape more easily.