Frosted Vinyl, a high-end solution

Frosted vinyl is often used to enhance the privacy of a room. This material can give a room an upscale look. In this article we will offer you several applications for this material.

Possible Applications for Frosted Vinyl

Add privacy to a workspace

This type of vinyl is often used for offices. Especially for screens that separate work cubicles. If you are on the edge of the passage, it is nice to have a little more privacy.

The glazed conference rooms are very beautiful and luxurious, however, meetings can sometimes be confidential or simply more private. For these reasons, the type of vinyl is frequently used for certain areas or for the entire window. Horizontal bands to limit visibility can be added while still allowing light to pass through the rest of the glass.

Privacy at home

Depending on your style of living and where it is, you can sometimes feel watched. In condo towers, frosted vinyls are often used for the glass in the front door. If your bathroom window is visible to neighbors, you may also want to limit visibility.


Frosted vinyl
Frosted vinyl at Visique Ste-Adèle

For this project, we CNC cut the shapes and our installation team installed this on the back of the display case at Visique Ste-Adèle. The area behind is a consultation room. We can therefore have better privacy while enjoying the brand image in a subtle way.

Possible processes for this material

The vinyl comes in a roll, so you can simply install it on the entire window.

Frosted Vinyl CNC Cutting

If you want to add an artistic side, you can CNC cut shapes or lettering. This will let in more light and allow a minium to be seen through.

Frosted Vinyl Printing

Like most vinyls, it is possible to print on this vinyl. This can be combined with other processes to produce an original work.

Frosted vinyl technical details

Depending on the material used, it will often be a Polyester.

Maintenance and cleaning of frosted vinyl

There are several vinyl cleaner products. You can use these or any other product as long as they do not contain too much alcohol. A solution containing too much alcohol could cause the edges to peel off as the glue will be deactivated by the alcohol. The vinyl could also undergo transformations which could cause streaking.

Indoor or outdoor installation

Certainly, this vinyl will have a longer life indoors at regulated temperatures and without bad weather. However, it is possible to install it outside. If the installation is well done and the material is of good quality, the life should be acceptable.

Uninstalling Frosted Vinyl

Normally, when this material is used, it is on a window. So there is no problem uninstalling this vinyl once you are done with it. The vinyl may not come off in one piece. A scraper might help you remove the remaining stuck-on pieces. Be careful not to damage your window! A good window washing will be required once all the vinyl has been removed. If there is glue left in some place, use an alcohol-based cleaner.

Color and pattern options in frosted vinyl

Most of our customers take a simple standard frosted vinyl which we will then cut and install. If you have more special projects, do not hesitate to contact us to discover the options available to you. There are many options like patterns and even some colored ones.

Installation of frosted vinyl

Depending on the vinyl chosen, it will often have to be installed using water to avoid having bubbles. This type of installation can be difficult to do if it is our first installation.

When you have several tiles to install with details to align such as printing or cutting, you increase the level of difficulty by a notch!

Our installers are there to help you with the installation but also before starting the project for the choice of equipment and other technical questions.

Do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your projects and request a free quote!

Vinyle Givré Découpé
Vinyle Givré Découpé