Retail interior graphics

Perforated vinyl and lettering installation in the SAQ windows across Quebec

The AMP Digital team was mandated to print and install the promotional display for the windows of the 100th anniversary of the Société des Alcools du Québec. We worked with the SAQ design team for the files and then we took care of the printing. The exterior display was made using perforated vinyl in the […]

Frosted Vinyl, a high-end solution

Vinyle Givré Découpé

Frosted vinyl is often used to enhance the privacy of a room. This material can give a room an upscale look. In this article we will offer you several applications for this material. Possible Applications for Frosted Vinyl Add privacy to a workspace This type of vinyl is often used for offices. Especially for screens […]

Perforated vinyl at the Mitsubishi car dealership in Terrebonne

Vinyle perforé chez un concessionnaire automobile

In order to announce the new model of one of their cars, the Mitsubishi Terrebonne dealership has asked us to dress their window. With the help of the Mitsubishi Canada marketing team, our computer graphics team prepared the showcase to produce die-cut perforated vinyl. Once the printing and cutting were done, it was our install […]

Coroplast advertising sign for an car dealership in Terrebonne

Panneau publicitaire en coroplast pour un concessionnaire automobile

Mitsubishi automobile dealership in Terrebonne asked us to print them an advertising panel in Coroplast (corrugated plastic). Mitsubishi de Terrebonne asked us to print them an advertising panel in Coroplast (corrugated plastic). Coroplast advertising panel for outdoor sign This material is a good solution for exterior or interior printed sign. First: it’s plastic so it’s […]

Brand activation campaign for Hoosier Racing Tires

Mock Up site web Hoosier Rally Canada

In the motorsport world, there are a lot of exchanges between teams and their sponsors. Usually the sponsor provide something for the team to use in exchange for promoting them while on race day! But these days it is more complex than that- now both parties have an investment into each other’s success through this […]

Printed fabric frame (SEG) in car dealership

SEG fabric frame in car dealership

BMW – MINI Ste-Agathe continued their car dealership interior design project with us. This objective of this project is to develop the brand activation strategy. Our team worked with the dealership management team and the BMW Canada marketing team to select these stunning images from their library. The printed fabric frames that we installed on the […]

Large format vinyl murals printed at the BMW Sainte-Agathe car dealership

Installation murale de vinyle en concession automobile

Given the size of the murals to be printed, we had to optimize the images to keep them of good quality. After a few tests we were ready to begin the production. BMW Canada provided us with some images including the famous BMW M1 Art car by Andy Warhol. (see below) A rally photographer provided […]

Creation of cut-out letters for signage in SQDC stores

The SQDC stores were all recently built due to new legislation allowing access to cannabis products. Their design is very modern but also refined. The designers of the project had to use their imaginations to find ways to make stores attractive while respecting their social responsibility not to encourage overconsumption. We started this project with […]