Store display campaign across Quebec for Consignaction

In collaboration with the S2B agency, our mission was to print the display material for the new Consignaction campaign across Quebec, aimed at promoting recovery with a modification of the refund for bottles and cans.

Strategic production and national deployment

Following in-store tests, production of the advertising material was launched. Deployed in all businesses in Quebec offering recovery services, this campaign has taken on a national scope.

Ingenious approach: “Kitting” for easy installation

Due to the scale of the campaign, an ingenious approach was taken. The “Kitting”, sent to the managers of each store, facilitated and above all minimized the installation budget. Designed for hassle-free installation, even for those who are not installation experts.

Diversity of media for maximum visibility

From pre-cut Coroplast posters to informative stickers, including promotional “Danglers”, each support has been created to guarantee maximum visibility of the changes in instructions to consumers.

Well-orchestrated logistics on a national scale

Our team of shipping and project managers successfully coordinated the shipment of more than 2,400 boxes by mail and on pallets across Quebec and Ontario.

This collaboration demonstrates our ability to design, produce and deploy national billboard campaigns effectively. We are proud to have contributed to the success of the campaign.