Making of a kiosk for an activation marketing campaign in Montreal

After the SGM agency had developed a great kiosk concept for an activation marketing campaign, it was our turn to play! In this project aimed at attracting customers to Complexe Desjardins, we made the final touch of the interactive cabin project.

The most complex part of the project was to build the “cool truck” which was CNC cut in wood and then painted to make it clean and durable. We then printed on a sheet of Alupanel which was also cut on the CNC afterwards.

You see below, a member of our team making sure that the finish is perfect.

Once the workshop fabrication was complete, it was time for the final installation. After having installed the structure of the truck, we installed the other panels of alupanel on the cabin to announce the contest and to give more information.

More information about Alupanel

What is alupanel?

This material is composed of 2 layers of aluminum and a polyethylene center.

What is Alupanel used for?

We use such materials for medium / long term outdoor use. Many signage posters are made with this material, among others in outdoor centers.

After installing the panels, we started installing the self-adhesive vinyls. The base of the truck, where customers can take photos, had to be dressed in vinyl in order to stay in tune with the rest of the design.

The LED display towers were part of the project so we dressed the outline of it with concrete vinyl that we printed.

A few information about self adhesive vinyl for concrete

What is the difference between concrete vinyl and standard self-adhesive vinyl?

Concrete vinyl is made of a stronger material. Its glue is more aggressive, which will allow better adhesion.

How to install self-adhesive vinyl to concrete?

– First, we stick the vinyl on the concrete, trying to place it in the right place the first time. It will be possible to replace it but there is a risk of collecting a lot of sand and dust which will not help the grip.
– Once everything is in place, using a small Raclette (squeegee), we conform the vinyl to the surface below.
– Finally, and in order to ensure optimal results, the squeegee is ironed while heating so that the material conforms better to the concrete.

Here are a few photos of the finished project. This was made just in time for the Francophonie in Montréal.