Hygienic protection in acrylic (Plexiglass) for teachers’ rooms

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have been developing new products following the requests we receive from our customers. The principal of St-Henri school in Montreal gave us a mandate to make a proposal to protect the teachers in their teachers’ rooms.

Indeed, we often think of protecting teachers and students in classrooms, however, since the start of the 2020 school year, we have realized that meetings with teachers in teachers’ rooms were a major source of contagion.

Here is the solution we created to offer a solution that protects teachers at their desks without being too intrusive.

This solution is easy to install since no tools are required. The partitions fit into each other which allows good stability.

The acrylic is cut by a CNC machine (3D cutting machine) which executes the program that our team asks of it. So all the manufacturing of these products is done in our workshops in Montreal.

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