hygienic protection

Hygienic partition for conference room

Protection hygiénique salle de conférence

Teleworking has allowed several teams to work together during the pandemic. Depending on the kind of interaction we need to have as a team, it is sometimes better to have a good face-to-face meeting. Several schools and offices have asked us to manufacture them protections for their conference tables or office islands. Here is one […]

Montreal restaurant getting ready for reopening with hygienic protection

Protection hygiénique pour table de restaurants

Since the start of the crisis, we have done a lot of hygienic protection for businesses, schools and other types of establishments. For the majority of them, standard Plexiglass protectors with legs did the trick. When the owner of the Costa Del Sole restaurant in Montreal contacted us, he had more special needs. The guards […]

Hygienic protection in acrylic (Plexiglass) for teachers’ rooms

Protection hygiénique en acrylique (plexiglass) pour salle de professeurs

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have been developing new products following the requests we receive from our customers. The principal of St-Henri school in Montreal gave us a mandate to make a proposal to protect the teachers in their teachers’ rooms. Indeed, we often think of protecting teachers and students in […]

Sneeze guard in acrylic (plexiglass) for teachers

Sneeze guard for school

With the back to school on our doorstep, many are wondering how teachers will offer adequate support to their students while respecting physical distancing. Here is the solution that we made for a school last spring. This one is made in our Montreal workshop and can be shipped anywhere quickly! This protection is digitally cut […]

1/4 acrylic breath guard (plexiglass) for the chamber of notaries of Quebec

Pare haleine en acrylique 1/4

Here is one of our latest achievements of a breath guard which is located in the offices of the Chambre des notaires du Québec in downtown Montreal. The client contacted us so that we could offer them a tailor-made solution. Since they were looking for a durable and aesthetic option, 1/4 inch acrylic was the […]

Sneeze Guard for school transit vehicule

Protection pour transport écolier

Back to school is almost there during this period of deconfinement, several school service centers asked us to manufacture hygienic partitions for their fleet. These aim to protect the drivers but also the students. Just like the protections we have manufactured for taxi drivers in Quebec, they are made of Polycarbonate. This material looks like […]

Self-supporting sneeze guard

Protection hygiénique pare haleine autoportante en plexiglass (acrylique)

The self-supporting sneeze guard is perfect solution for customers that have high activity, such as café manager and catering managers. This durabl eacrylic and PVC may help to prevent food contamination with its’ professional design. The product could also be used in many other settings like a bakery or restaurant where the sneezing customer might […]

Visière de protection (Écran facial) médicale Covid-19

See english version here : Face shields to fight Covid-19 Afin de venir en aide aux employés essentiels, qui travaillent toujours durant la pandémie, AMP Digital Inc. a développé une visière protectrice. Celle-ci aidera à protéger ces personnes du coronavirus Covid-19. Elle est destinée à tous les intervenants étant en contact avec le public ; […]